Transfer Pricing Global Solutions (“TPGS”) is an independent company that provides international transfer pricing services to multinational companies (“MNC’s”). It provides transfer pricing services directly to international groups and also works with professional services providers to resolve their clients transfer pricing issues.

TPGS’s key objective is to provide effective and efficient transfer pricing services to its clients in a cost effective manner. The following summarises how we distinguish ourselves from our competitors:


TPGS is an independent company that can work with MNC’s and their advisors without having to deal with and manage conflicts of interests. This makes TPGS a unique player in the market.

Organisational Structure

TPGS’s organisational structure also allows it to be flexible and enables it to react quickly to clients’ needs. A senior transfer pricing expert will be appointed to work with a client and this person will work with one or two colleagues to provide a high quality service that will be reasonable priced when compared to competitor service offerings. TPGS should therefore be able to offer a wider suite of services than its competitors for the same budget.
The TPGS team will work closely with its client to develop a deep knowledge of the business and this relationship will continue even after the initial assignment is completed.

Efficiency & Flexibility

As TPGS only offers transfer pricing services, its expertise allows it to identify the TP issues quickly and implement solutions in a more cost effective manner. This expertise also allows it to deal with any transfer pricing matter.

Continuity of Service

Transfer pricing services cannot be provided on a once off basis. Businesses, competitors, comparables, markets and products continuously change and such change must be incorporated into the TP methodology that is implemented. TP policies therefore have to be maintained, reviewed and managed continuously to reflect such changes and ensure that they are fit for purpose.

International Network

TPGS has a wide international network of transfer pricing experts and is therefore able to assist clients who have operations in a large number of countries.  It distinguishes itself from other international transfer pricing groups because it has independently selected who its partners should be. The expertise that these partners have and their reputation in their local market is a key issue in their selection. They are not selected because they happen to be members of an international network that has developed sporadically over time.

Tailor Made Solutions

The philosophy of TPGS is to provide transfer pricing solutions tailored to clients’ individual needs rather than providing an off the shelf product. A specific solution will be developed for each individual case.